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Your previous tours :

Driven by a passion for the hospitality industry, and with at least one year of experience in a similar position, your personality makes you stand out from the crowd. Your personality makes you stand out from the crowd and you are known for your interpersonal skills, your ability to manage several tasks at once, and your team spirit. You know how to please your customers in a sincere way, and create emotion in them. You speak French, English, and maybe even other languages. Your presentation is neat, you are autonomous and reactive. You have a good command of computer tools and knowledge of Mews software is appreciated.

Essential notes to the score:

Under the responsibility of your future conductor, your missions will be varied:

  • Ensure the reception, receive customers "as at home" and create an immediate connection
  • Prepare and execute arrivals and departures
  • Contribute to the permanent satisfaction of the customers, pamper them and surprise them
  • Manage billing and collections
  • Maintain the reservation schedule
  • Handle emails
  • Record and verify reservations
  • Control the cash registers
  • Prepare daily reports
  • Coordinate information with the various departments of the establishment


We are not looking for a nasa expert but rather an expert in human relations, smiles, good humor with a sense of initiative and organization.

The MM rhythm in the skin:

  • 39h/week
  • Work weekends and holidays

Your salary:

  • Full time, permanent contract
  • Salary according to profile
  • 50% of the pass navigo is covered

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